November 20, 2023

Snowdrift Showdown: Race to Win UPX & Spark Rewards!

Attention, Upland Racers, it’s time to rev up those winter wheels! Brace yourselves for the Snowdrift Showdown, a racing event presented by the Upland Racing League. 

Registration for this exhilarating racing event will be open from Monday, November 20th, at 9 AM PT to Friday, November 24th, at 9 AM PT. The Snowdrift Showdown will officially begin on Monday, November 27th, at 9 AM PT with the qualifying round. The grand finale will take place on Friday, December 1st, and will be livestreamed by the Upland Racing League from the San Francisco Upland Cafe

If you enjoy racing in Upland, you won't want to miss this adrenaline-pumping event. Compete for the chance to win UPX and Spark Rewards! See you at the Snowdrift Showdown! 

Snowdrift Showdown Overview 

We're thrilled to team up with the Upland Racing League to bring you the Snowdrift Showdown. This event consists of a multi-day time trials Qualifying Round, followed by a Final Round where the top 6 racers in each vehicle class tier will go head-to-head to win rewards! 

Registration Details 

To participate in the Snowdrift Showdown, you must complete the registration form available only on the Upland Racing Discord. You'll need to provide the following information:

  • Your Vehicle Class Tier Selection
  • Your Upland Username
  • Your Discord Username
  • Your Email Address

Important Note: Each player can only choose to participate in one class to race in and can only win rewards in that class.

Vehicle Class Tiers and Tracks 

There are three distinct vehicle class tiers for players to compete in. Each vehicle class will race on a specific track during the Snowdrift Showdown. Here are the vehicle classes and their designated tracks:

  • Base MV Motors Series T Trucks: Midtown Terrace 100 Track

  • All MV Motors Series V Passenger Vans: The Ithica Run Track 

  • All MV Motors Series S Semi-Trucks: Boystown Xtreme Track

Important Note: For the Base MV Motors Series T Truck class tier, only base models of this vehicle are eligible for use in the Snowdrift Showdown. Vehicle models such as the E Trim, R Trim, and other Trims are not allowed only for this specific class tier.

Qualifying Round Details 

During the qualifying round, each class will race on a specific track. This round will be all about time trials, so your goal is to set the fastest time on your class track. The top 6 players in each class with the fastest times will earn a ticket to the finals.

  • Qualifying Round Start Time: Monday, November 27th, at 9 AM PT
  • Qualifying Round End Time: Thursday, November 30th, at 9 AM PT

Also, during the qualifying round, each race must have a minimum of four vehicles (including the player) for the times to be logged. Players can also race against bots, but if there are fewer than four vehicles in the race, those times will not be logged. Players have the freedom to race as many times as they wish to achieve their quickest time.

Final Round Details 

The final round will feature the top 6 players from each class who achieved the fastest times. These elite racers will compete in one last race on their respective class track to determine the Snowdrift Showdown champions for their vehicle class. The finals will kick off on Friday, December 1st, at 10 AM PT and will be hosted and live-streamed by the Upland Racing League at the San Francisco Upland Cafe. Finalists will receive further information about their vehicle class finals from the Upland Racing League on their discord before the finals begin.

Snowdrift Showdown Rewards

1st Place

Players achieving the coveted 1st Place in their vehicle class finals will receive:

  • 100,000 UPX
  • 0.15 Spark

2nd Place

Those clinching 2nd Place in their vehicle class finals will be recognized with:

  • 100,000 UPX
  • 0.1 Spark

3rd Place

Racers securing 3rd Place in their vehicle class finals will earn:

  • 100,000 UPX
  • 0.05 Spark

4th to 6th Place

Players finishing between 4th to 6th Place in their vehicle class finals will enjoy:

  • 75,000 UPX

7th to 10th Place

Racers securing positions from 7th to 10th Place on their vehicle class time trial leaderboard will be rewarded with the following:

  • 50,000 UPX

11th to 15th Place

Impressive performances from 11th to 15th Place on their vehicle class time trial leaderboard will earn players:

  • 25,000 UPX

16th to 20th Place

Players skillfully navigating to ranks 16th to 20th Place on their vehicle class time trial leaderboard will be awarded:

  • 15,000 UPX

21st to 25th Place

Those securing spots from 21st to 25th Place on their vehicle class time trial leaderboard will receive:

  • 10,000 UPX

Good luck to all of you Uplanders who will be participating and competing in the Snowdrift Showdown! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this racing event, please visit the Upland Racing Discord.

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