December 21, 2022

Supporting UNICEF Brazil’s Youth Education in the Metaverse

Helping to prepare Brazil’s youth for a bright future in web3 and the metaverse, Upland is proud and honored to announce a long-term partnership with UNICEF Brazil! The two big programs from this partnership are a holiday fundraiser held in Upland and educational content facilitated via UNICEF’s One Million Opportunities (1MiO) program. The sale proceeds will be used as a direct donation to United Nations Children’s Fund, including dedicated funds to support and sponsor the education programs of UNICEF in Brazil. 

Helping bright young minds learn about and contribute to web3 and the metaverse is an important step in giving tomorrow’s talent the tools needed to succeed while fulfilling the promise of web3! Read on to learn more about the new programs coming from this amazing partnership.

Upland’s UNICEF Brazil Fundraiser

The fundraiser offers two different types of items for players to purchase in support of UNICEF Brazil: the UNICEF Winter Gnomes and UNICEF Winter Ornaments! Check out the lovingly charming items below! Inventory is limited, so register and jump on a gnome and ornament while you can. 

*UNICEF Brazil does not endorse brand, product or service.

Players need to head to the UNICEF Showroom in Upland’s Rio de Janeiro to buy an Outdoor Decor Winter Gnome. Five Winter Gnomes will be pushed to the Showroom every three hours until inventory runs out – if you don’t see any, please wait for more to arrive! The address for UNICEF’s Showroom is: AVENIDA GEN FELICISSIMO CARDOSO, 500A, Rio, Brazil.

For a Winter Ornament, players can find them in the Upland Store. These Ornaments decorate Upland’s residential structures, so players should make sure to look for a UNICEF Winter Ornament that fits their structure. 

Fundraiser registration starts: December 21 at 10 AM PT

Fundraiser registration ends: December 22 at 8 AM PT

Fundraiser starts: December 22 at 9 AM PT

To stay in line with the rules of Upland’s metaverse, we’ll ask players to help simulate the construction of the UNICEF Winter Ornaments by enrolling in the Spark Exchange Simulation (details below). 

Supporting UNICEF Brazil’s Education Program

Approximately 50% of proceeds from the Upland fundraiser power the UNICEF 1MiO program! The other 50% goes toward the resources required to build and launch the UNICEF assets needed to launch the fundraiser. 

Check out the details (taken from the official press release): 

The education program content is curated by UNICEF’s One Million Opportunities (1MiO) initiative, and powered by Upland. Led by UNICEF Brazil, the (1MiO) initiative is a multisectoral articulation between private sector, governments, civil society and youth creating opportunities for professional training, employability and income generation for young adults (from 14 to 29 years old) in situations of vulnerability. The students will be trained in five different competencies: 

  • Foundation Skills: Basic Education on web3, blockchain technology, smart contracts and metaverse
  • Job Specific Skills: Identifying opportunities in the metaverse economy and teaching the youth about new positions and opportunities in the web3 industry
  • Digital Skills: Students will learn how to work in the Upland metaverse, how to mint properties and other digital collectibles, grow their net worth, complete collections, win challenges, and participate in community events
  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Students will learn how to become a meta-entrepreneur and build their businesses on top of Upland metaverse.
  • Transferable Skills: Students will learn how to transfer their learnings including real estate, yield, staking, tokenization and other web3 related education, and apply them in real life.

Winter Costumes in Upland

To add extra cheer to the winter holiday and fundraiser, we’ve launched a series of free Winter Costumes available to everyone – including one UNICEF Winter Costume! These costumes can be worn over player profile pictures throughout the winter season ending January 10. 

Even if you can’t participate in the fundraiser, wearing the UNICEF Winter Costume is a great way to show your support of the nonprofit’s goal to drive change for children and young adults across the world! Check out the Costumes below, and head into Upland today to put one on your profile picture! 

[placeholder: Costumes]

Spark Exchange Simulation for UNICEF Structure Ornaments

Some players may recall the Spark Exchange Simulation we ran for other Structure Ornament sale events. In Upland, the intent is to simulate many aspects of a real-world economy and city building. As such, many objects (e.g., Structure Ornaments) need to be built in factories. However, there are no Structure Ornament factories in Upland at this time. To keep things in line with our original message – that we are unwilling to break the rules of the metaverse – we are using a Spark Exchange Simulation for the release of UNICEF Structure Ornaments. ‍

To build UNICEF Structure Ornaments, Upland will in effect “borrow” unstaked Spark from all Spark holders who wish to participate, and reward those players in the form of UPX. As such, we will be distributing a total of 3.46 million UPX (based on the assumption that all bundles will sell out) to Spark holders with unstaked Spark. This process simulates the functionality of the future Spark Exchange, where players will be able to rent Spark from each other in exchange for UPX. 

To document participants, we will take a snapshot of players with unstaked Spark. The snapshot will be taken on January 5, 2023  between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM PT. ‍All registered Uplanders with unstaked Spark at the time of the snapshot will be rewarded pro-rata, depending on the amount of unstaked Spark they currently hold. The 3.46 million UPX reward pool is based on an estimation of the required costs to build the UNICEF Brazil Structure Ornaments. This calculation is a function of what construction would cost in UPX per Spark Hours required to build. The UPX rewards will be distributed after the snapshot has been taken. 

Be sure to opt-in for this Spark Exchange Simulation to be eligible! 

Opt-in Here

Warming Up the Holidays with UNICEF 

Helping Brazil’s young adults jump into the metaverse with confidence is something we’re overjoyed to champion – and players should be just as excited! Bringing Brazil’s brightest into web3 worlds makes Upland and the entire metaverse a stronger and more diverse place. And players get unique, adorable items for supporting a great cause! There’s no better way to celebrate the winter holidays! 

To learn more about UNICEF, please visit its website,

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