November 21, 2023

Turkey Chase 2023

Get ready for an exciting journey as the Turkey Chase returns to Upland, bringing with it Competitive Treasure Hunts spanning across 10 Upland cities!

Turkeys are on the loose once again in Upland, and we're calling on you Uplanders to join the chase and help us catch them before they take over Upland! Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Round up turkeys for a chance to win turkey-tastic rewards, including UPX and entries into a drawing for three exclusive Thanksgiving-themed Block Explorers!

The Turkey Chase will run from Tuesday, November 21st, at 9 AM PT to Friday, November 24th, at 9 AM PT! Hurry, join the chase, and help us corral these wild turkeys before they run amok in Upland!

Important Note: Due to recent treasure hunting changes, the Turkey Chase is only playable on the mobile versions of Upland. 

Turkey Chase 2023 Details 

Turkeys have taken over 10 Upland cities, and it’s up to players to catch them all! The cities are: 

  • Nashville
  • Dallas 
  • Cleveland 
  • Bronx 
  • Brooklyn 
  • Staten Island 
  • Manhattan 
  • San Francisco 
  • Oakland 
  • Fresno

To catch turkeys, players will join the three new Competitive Treasure Hunts spawning in each city. Each of the three hunts features different “turkey treasures” to catch, and each turkey that players catch comes with rewards – including the chance to win a Block Explorer! 

These are the three different turkey treasures running amok in Upland. Take a look! 

  • Crazy Turkey: Finding the Crazy Turkey treasure will reward players with a small amount of UPX and will earn them three points for the drawing when the challenge ends. This tier will have a 30-minute cooldown.
  • Scared Turkey: Finding the Scared Turkey treasure rewards players with greater UPX and five points for the drawing when the challenge ends. This tier will have a one-hour cooldown.
  • Golden Turkey: Golden Turkey treasures are the hardest to find! Finding these hidden treasures will reward players 50 points for the drawing and some UPX! This tier will have a 12-hour cooldown.


Players must search thoroughly to locate all the turkey treasures scattered throughout Upland. Each treasure found gives players entries into the Block Explorer Drawing. 

Players can compete in hunts across all ten cities to earn more entries for the giveaway drawing and receive UPX rewards. Following the conclusion of the Turkey Chase, there will be one drawing for three Block Explorers. Each of these Block Explorers has only 50 mints, resulting in a total of 150 winners. The Turkey Chase will be the only opportunity to acquire these Block Explorers so you don’t want to miss out! 

Note: Players can only win one of each Block Explorer for this challenge

Here are the three Block Explorers players can win from the Turkey Chase Block Explorer drawing: 

Inflatable Gratitude A

Mints: 50

Inflatable Gratitude B

Mints: 50

Inflatable Gratitude C

Mints: 50 

Whether you're gearing up for a Thanksgiving feast or simply have a soft spot for our feathered friends, the Turkey Chase offers a delightful opportunity to venture through Upland cities, accumulate UPX, and perhaps even secure a Block Explorer. The hunt is underway, so don't wait—start exploring! 

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