November 17, 2023

Treasure Hunting Updates & Changes

We would like to announce a few updates and changes to treasure hunting in Upland. These modifications are designed to adjust the treasure hunting experience and ensure a fair and rewarding treasure hunt for all players. 

New Implementation

We're launching a new system for cities that have not yet fully opened, such as London and Tokyo. The following breakdown illustrates these changes:

40% or Less Properties Open for Minting:

  • Treasure hunt tier and send fees will be adjusted two tiers down.

41-70% Properties Open for Minting:

  • Treasure hunt tier and send fees will experience a reduction of one tier.

71%+ Properties Open for Minting:

  • Cities with this level of openness will maintain the original treasure hunt tier and send fee levels designated for those cities.

This percentage-based approach directly correlates with the degree to which a city is open for minting. This ensures a fair treasure-hunting experience for all participants. These adjustments will also apply to any upcoming new cities in Upland that are released in segments.

London and Tokyo Treasure Hunting

We want to make it clear that these changes currently only affect London and Tokyo, as they fall within the ranges where a decrease in treasure hunting tier and send fee level is appropriate. Effective immediately, the treasure hunting tier for these two cities will be set at Tier 3, and the send fees will be 15/30/75 (Lo/Hi/Default). As these cities expand, their treasure hunting tiers and send fees will be subject to increase. 

Note: As of 11/17/23, only about 10% of the properties are open for minting in these two cities.

Potential Future Changes

Additionally, we would like to emphasize that Upland maintains the flexibility to modify rewards and spawn times as needed. We will continue to monitor and make adjustments to treasure hunting where needed, making certain it remains balanced and fun for all Uplanders.

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